Ground Tools

Specialised ground tooling for all underground mining applications

PR Mining (Pty) Ltd manufactures a full line of tools and accessories for the road planning, mining and continuous mining industries. Our tools are manufactured both locally and internationally to the highest quality standards, using the strongest materials and most stringent manufacturing processes. We take special care in the manufacturing process to ensure that the cemented tungsten carbide in PR Mining tools will meet our customers demanding needs.

Tungsten carbide is procured at strategic suppliers globally that are ISO certified, where the manufacturing process of all tools follow strict quality control. Specialised brazing/heat treatment bonds the tungsten carbide to high-grade alloy steel to ensure the hardness of the steel and the superior performance of these tools in mining applications.


PR Mining tools provide maximum productivity and efficiency

We offer full technical and backup support on all our tooling.

Mining Consumables

  • Ventilation Doors
  • Ventilation Brattices
  • Force Fan Ducting
  • Stone Dust Bags 
  • Stone dust (Bulk & Bag)
  • Plastic Hooks For Stone Dust Bags     
  • Stone Dust Barriers
  • Underground Marking Spray
  • Sounding Sticks
  • Charging Sticks
  • Circlip Plyers
  • Pinch Bars
  • Wire Mesh
  • Cable Hooks single / double
  • Life-line

Ground Tools

  • Coal Picks
  • Coal Pick Extractors
  • Copper Hammers
  • Press fit Sleeves
  • Button Bits
  • Spinning Adaptors
  • Two Prong Roof Borer Bits (Wet and Dry Drilling)
  • Face Drilling Button Bits
  • Extension Rods and Couplers for Drill Steel and Drifter Rod
  • Threaded John-Ex and Tapered Rods
  • P – Shank Bits and Auger Rods

Roof Bolting Products

  • Johnex Steel Rods
  • Extension Rods
  • Solid Spinning Adaptors
  • Loose Spinning Adaptor head
  • Hex 60 Shanks
  • Hex Extentions
  • Extention Couplings
  • R25 Threaded Drill Bits
  • Machine Adaptor Couplings
  • Drifter Rods
  • R32 Drill Bits
  • Roof Borers
  • Press Sleeves
  • Picks & Sleeves

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